Workplace Wellness Workshop: Lighten Up Your Day

Injecting humour both at work and in your personal life is just what the doctor ordered. Laughing doesn't just feel good but also has a positive effect on your health by helping relieve stress, tension, and anxiety and by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation.

Humour also offers far-reaching psychological benefits, since finding the lighter side of a difficult situation can instantly dispel negativity and better enable you to overcome challenging problems and conflicts.

This seminar will highlight the benefits of adding humour into your life and discuss appropriate ways of incorporating it in the workplace. Participants will learn how to do the following:

- Understand their sense of humour
- Recognize the physical and psychological benefits of humour
- Develop techniques to professionally communicate using humour


Faculty Interest, Staff Interest




Room 523, Collaborative Health Education Building (corner of Summer Street and University Avenue)