Workplace Wellness Workshop: On Being Positive

This program consists of three half days – Jan. 12, 19, and 26 – please attend all of them. Please arrive at each of the three sessions of this program scent free.

Mental health in the workplace has finally been getting increased attention these days. Every day, more of us are having open conversations about depression, anxiety, and stress. We're finally learning how these things interfere with us being our best selves.

However, focusing on disease, disorder, and the negative side of life can only help us achieve so much. It's equally important to examine the positive side of the mental health equation: How can we achieve the state of feeling great? How can we boost our skills to achieve a higher and sustainable level of well-being?

This interactive workshop series offers a chance to broaden the discussion of mental health by exploring some of the foundations for well-being, resilience, and even happiness.

Week One

We will examine some of the foundations of understanding happiness, well-being, and resilience. We will explore:

- the differences between mental health and mental illness and how these tie together.

- the factors that contribute to positive emotions in our lives and in our work.

- the benefits of pursuing positive emotions and well-being.

- some practical tips for achieving a sustainable positive state of mind.

Week Two

During this week, we will look closely at some of the proven strategies to improve our personal well-being. We will learn about:

- the Losada Line and the Positivity Ratio and how these make difference in our well-being.

- some tips on how to strengthen our abilities to see more solutions to everyday problems.

- the importance of challenging one's own perspective to create an open mind.

- real time actions we can take to improve our capacity for well-being and thriving.

Week Three

In the final week, we'll turn our attention outwardly to the people we interact with: students, co-workers, and friends/family. We'll look at:

- the importance of relationships in our journey towards health and well-being.

- how our positive perspective can be contagious.

- how promoting other people's wellbeing can further enhance our own well-being.

- some simple tactics to use to help others achieve their best selves.

Presenter: Michael MacDonald has over 15 years of experience inhealth management. He has worked closely with employers, clinicians, and employees to support optimal health and productivity. Throughout his career, his focus has been on helping employees in a variety of settings overcome the limits of any mental health illness they may be experiencing.


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Room 224, Student Union Building