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End of Life, Ethics, Policy and Practice: 2nd International Conference

We are at a time of extraordinary change as jurisdictions around the world research and engage in legal and health care reform around end of life law, ethics, policies and practices. Flashpoints and transformations emerge out of shifting societal values and expectations, medical innovation, and new ideas about relationships and roles within end of life decision-making processes. Empirical evidence is emerging out of the new regulatory regimes, assisting in the assessment of the likely consequences of different regulatory choices.

This conference will bring together world experts from law, medicine, nursing, philosophy and bioethics, with sectoral representation including practitioners, NGOs, regulators, policy makers and academics. Together we will engage with the most recent empirical evidence, policy reform initiatives and ethical thinking on medical assistance in dying, palliative care, unilateral decision-making, and other end of life issues, including emerging ones such as the pressure point issues for eligibility for medical assistance in dying.   The conference is co-hosted by Canada’s Dalhousie’s Health Law Institute, the Australian Centre for Health Law Research at Queensland University of Technology, and the Dutch and Belgian-based International Collaborative for End of Life Care Research.

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World Trade and Convention Centre, Halifax, NS


Student $250
Regular $400