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2017 Weldon Literary Moot: Willy Wonka on Trial

The Weldon Literary Moot Society is pleased to announce the 2017 Weldon Literary Moot!

Willy Wonka, eccentric owner of the Wonka Chocolate Factory, distributed a set of Golden Tickets to a number of lucky children in order to find someone to take over his factory. Unfortunately all but one of the children suffered significant candy-related injuries during their tour of the factory. Now the children have banded together to sue Willy Wonka in the Weldon Literary Moot Court! The charge? Negligence.

In this theatrical mock trial, lawyers and law students will try the case of Teavee v Wonka. The child victims of Willy Wonka’s dangerous factory have filed a class action lawsuit against Wonka for negligently allowing them to be turned into blueberries, shrunk into TVs, etc. But is Wonka perhaps the real victim? And how innocent is that Charlie Bucket?

Justice Jamie Campbell of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court will preside. Starring Zuppa Theatre actor Ben Stone (Wonka), law student Jacob Millar (Charlie), and law professors Steve Coughlan (Slugworth) and Jon Shapiro (Mike Teavee). Appearing as counsel will be Laurie Jones (Stewart McKelvey) and Andrew Taillon (NS Dept of Justice), accompanied by law students Ria Guidone and Vinayak Mishra.

This is the seventh annual Weldon Literary Moot, an event which raises funds for Halifax Humanities 101, a barrier-free humanities education program for adults living below the poverty line. The event was the brainchild of law alumni Ben Frenken and Michael Murphy.

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Alumni & Friends, Faculty Interest, Student Interest




Weldon Law Building
Room 105


$8 students
$12 general

Additional Information

The Weldon Literary Moot is done to raise money for Halifax Humanities 101, a program that provides barrier-free humanities education to adults living on low incomes in Halifax’s North End.


Jacob Millar
President, Weldon Literary Moot Society