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Canadian Prison Law Conference


Canadian Prison Law Conference 
September 21-23, 2018
Schulich School of Law 
Dalhousie University, Halifax

In September 2018, the Schulich School of Law, together with the Canadian Prison Lawyers Association, will be hosting the inaugural Canadian Prison Law Conference in Halifax.

The conference has multiple goals. First, it aims to bring together individuals from different areas of practice and academia with an interest in prison law to network and reflect on how best to serve an increasing and diverse prison population. Second, it aims to contribute to the training of professionals interested in this area (e.g. through panels, keynotes speakers, and workshops). Third, it aims to facilitate the creation of a strong prison justice advocacy group that will continue beyond the conference, with the goal of affecting change through policy work, legal representation, and academic teaching. Fourth, the conference seeks to raise student interest in this field. 

The conference will be compromised of a keynote speaker event (TBA), two workshops (one dedicated to students, and one dedicated to the development of clinical and academic prison law programs/courses in universities), and two days of panel presentations. 

Call for submissions

We are currently inviting submissions for presentation proposals from lawyers, academics (from different fields), prison advocates, representatives of governmental and non-governmental prison related agencies, as well as people with lived experiences.

We are looking for presentations especially in (though not limited to) the following areas: 

  • habeas corpus (updates, traditional and creative uses); 
  • prison Charter challenges & remedies; 
  • criminal prosecution for prisoner abuse; 
  • torts and class actions for prisoner litigants; 
  • parole; 
  • sentencing reform; 
  • disciplinary issues and adjudication; 
  • health care issues in prisons; 
  • community reintegration; 
  • immigration & detention; 
  • access to justice for prisoners & reform (e.g. in terms if judicial review, prison administrative tribunals, independent adjudication, oversight etc.);
  • solitary confinement in current legal context; 
  • long-term incarceration and specific challenges; 
  • good practices from other jurisdiction (inside prisons and community re-integration); 
  • systemic discrimination, racism, and overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Indigenous Black people in the prison systems; 
  • vulnerable prison groups (women, youth, aging, racial minorities, mentally ill, disabled, etc.) and specific legal and policy concerns. 

The presentation proposals should include:

  • Name, affiliation, and position of the presenter(s) 
  • Title of the presentation 
  • A 300-word abstract 
  • Up to 3 keywords 

We are also welcoming panel proposals on one of the topics above, a combination of those topics, or other topics related to prison law, policy, and advocacy. The panel proposals should include: 

  • The name, affiliation, and position of all presenters (there should be 3-4 presenters on a panel); 
  • The title of the panel and a rough title for all the presentations; 
  • A 500 - 700-word description of the panel. 

Deadline for submissions: March 15, 2018. Please submit your proposal to Mollie and Aaron at prisonlaw2018@gmail.com


Legal continuing education credits will be granted to participants. Participation for students, formerly incarcerated individuals, or unemployed individuals will be free of charge. 

Registration details to follow. 

For more information 

Adelina Iftene, Assistant Professor, Schulich School of Law
e: aiftene@dal.ca