About the Conference

Marking milestones in education and research

This year, the Marine & Environmental Law Program at Dalhousie University is celebrating its 40th anniversary. We are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of our research arm, the Marine & Environmental Law Institute (MELAW). 

With a little help from our friends

To mark these two milestones in education and research, we have organized this virtual conference. We asked a number of friends and colleagues with long-standing connections to our program to prepare a presentation on one of our four areas of focus:

Unique insights into key areas of interest

We invited each speaker to offer both a retrospective and a prospective on a topic of their choice. The result is a collection of presentations that offer unique insights into key areas of interest by world-leading academics and practitioners in their field.

How does our virtual conference work?

We invite you to watch any of the presentations that are of interest to you. If you are watching during the official launch week of June 8-12, 2015, please post your questions and comments on Twitter following the instructions provided. The presenters have kindly agreed to make an effort to respond to questions during this time. 

Why a virtual conference?

We decided on a virtual conference for a couple of reasons:

  • to minimize the environmental footprint of the event
  • because our network of former students, colleagues and supporters is spread across the world, which makes it difficult to bring everyone together for an in-person conference

Explore the presentations

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