Student Societies

Law Students' Society

All law students are members of the Law Students' Society (LSS) which appoints representatives to faculty committees, arranges for speakers to visit the school, and organizes social events and programs. It also oversees publication of a law students' newspaper, The Weldon Times, The Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies, and the annual yearbook.

Other ways to get involved

Dalhousie offers many sports and social opportunities, with something to appeal to most students. Some of the student organizations active at the school are:

      For current society contacts:
Business Law Association of Dalhousie - BLAD Facebook Twitter  
Christian Legal Fellowship - CLF
Community Outreach Facebook
Dalhousie Aboriginal Law Students' Association - DALSA
Dalhousie Asian Law Students' Society - DALSS
Dalhousie Association of French-Speaking Law Students - DAFLS
Dalhousie Black Law Students' Association - DBLSA
Dalhousie Feminist Legal Association - DFLA
Facebook Twitter  
Dalhousie Jewish Law Students' Association - JLSA
Dalhousie Journal of Legal Studies - DJLS
Dalhousie Sports and Entertainment Law Society - DSELS
Facebook Twitter  
Dal Law Habitat for Humanity      
Dal Law - International Exchanges Facebook    
Dal Law Sports Committee Facebook    
Domus Legis Society Facebook Twitter
Environmental Law Students' Society - ELSS Facebook Twitter  
Food Law Action Group Facebook
Health Law Students' Association - HLSA
Intellectual Property Law Association at Dal - IPLAD
Facebook Twitter  
John E Read International Law Students' Society - JERILS
Law Hour Committee Facebook Twitter  
Multi-Disciplinary Law Students' Association - MLSA
Facebook Twitter  
OutLAW Facebook Twitter  
Pro Bono Facebook    
Pro Bono Tax Advocacy Project      
Student Activist Law Students' Association - SALSA
Student Animal Law Association of Dalhousie - SALAD
Weldon Arts and Culture Society - WACS
Weldon Association of Gamers Facebook Twitter  
Weldon Literary Moot Society      
Weldon Times Facebook Twitter

Domus Legis Society

More than just a collegiate society, the Domus Legis Society is Canada's oldest student law society.