Grad Society

Get involved with other graduate students

The DLGS is a community of graduate law students at the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University. The society includes Master of Laws (LLM) and doctorate (Ph.D.) students.

The need for the DLGS is underscored by the potentially ‘isolating’ tendency of a graduate programme, the importance of partnership to scholarship, and the need for representation and advocacy for our common interest both within and outside the school of law.

Further to the above, the DLGS has five cardinal objectives:

  • To create a platform for (collaborative) research, peer review, and publication;
  • To advocate for, among other things, the availability and standardization of paid teaching and research opportunities to graduate students;
  • To provide a central portal for disclosure of research grant opportunities and peer application assistance;
  • To organize and hold a monthly graduate students’ research café and an annual or biannual Dal Graduate Law Students Conference; and
  • To, from time-to-time, organize social meetups and engagement with beneficial external platforms.

While the above objectives are central to the DLGS mandate, they are by no means exhaustive.

The society has various academic, social, and advocacy initiatives to actualise the above objectives. These initiatives are publicised through the Law Graduate Students online community platform on Brightspace. You can also access the Society’s constitution, minutes of meeting, and information about current opportunities on the platform.

The society is currently led by a 5-member executive committee made up of:

Keith Macmaster – President
Laura Ellyson – Vice President
Bayo Majekolagbe – Treasurer
Sixiang Peng – Secretary
Nenyo Kwasitsu – Vice President, Events

We believe that we are better together. Together, we can help make graduate life an even more engaging and enjoyable experience.

The Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students (DAGS) has represented graduate students at Dalhousie University for over 30 years. It is also the owner of The Grad House Social Club; the bar is downstairs and their office is upstairs.