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Print Edition - Volume 40


Read the 2019 Hearsay
(Vol 40

Cover story: Blaizing trails and inspiring others

Archive of Past Issues of Hearsay


Read the 2018 Hearsay
(Vol 39)

Cover story: A league of his own - Dean Emeritus Bill Charles

Read the 2017 Hearsay
(Vol 38)

Cover story: Innovative and entreprenureal - Mandy Woodland

Read the 2016 Hearsay
(Vol 37)

Cover story: The inimitable John Crosbie

Read the Fall 2014 Hearsay
(Vol 36)

Cover story: The Lure of the West

Read the 2013/14 Hearsay
(Vol 35)

Cover story: My Favourite Professor

Read the 2011/12 Hearsay
(Vol 34)

Cover story: Criminal course in criminal law

Read the 2010/11 Hearsay
(Vol 33)

Cover story: R B Bennett

Read the 2009/10 Hearsay
(Vol 32)

Cover story: Northern Exposure - Practicing above the 60th parallel

Read the 2008/09 Hearsay
(Vol 31)

Cover story: John Baigent - Partners in the Horn of Africa

Read the 2007/08 Hearsay
(Vol 30)

Cover story: A tribute to The Honourable Bertha Wilson

Read the 2006/07 Hearsay
(Vol 29)

Cover story: Phillip Saunders welcomed as Dean and Hearsay turns 30