Interprofessional Care of Surgical and Medical Abortion Patients

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This mini course will help provide students with information on the history of abortion in Canada and current access to abortion. The course will focus on recent changes in Atlantic Canada including the removal of the Therapeutic Abortion Committee in NB in 2014; the creation of the abortion clinic in PEI in 2017; and the removal of referral requirement and introduction of centralized intake in NS in 2018. Students will understand medical abortion was approved by Health Canada in 2015, became widely available in 2017, and nurse practitioners now prescribe medical abortion in every province and territory in Canada.

By participating in this mini course students will:

  • have reflected upon their beliefs, values and assumptions relative to contraception, reproductive autonomy and abortion, and learned the relevance of this reflection on their professional role of support with people who have experienced unplanned pregnancy and reproductive coercion
  • better understand the personal, cultural and institutional contexts of reproductive control and their effects on people seeking care from health care professionals
  • have enhanced consciousness regarding politicized action that can be taken to counter the personal, cultural and institutional contexts of reproductive control


Synchronous Online

Faculty Lead

Martha Paynter (Nursing)


Lianne Yoshida (NS Women’s Choices Clinic), Danielle LeBlanc (NS Women’s Choices Clinic), Laurie Graham (Nursing), Ruth Martin-Misener (Nursing), Kelly Lackie (Nursing), Marion Brown (Social Work), Anna Finlayson (Social Work), Danielle LeBlanc & Kristen Turtle (Choices Clinic)


Oct 6, 13, 27 & Nov 3