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Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic

The Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic is located in Veith House at 3115 Veith Street, Halifax. The Clinic is staffed by two Dalhousie social work graduates, and conceptualized and managed by the Social Work Field Coordinator, Cyndi Hall and faculty member, Dr. Jeff Karabanow.

The purpose is three-fold:

  • to offer undergraduate Social Work students an opportunity to learn frontline practice from a social justice perspective
  • to improve the life circumstances of clients 
  • and enhance existing front line services by supporting their work and collaborating on complex cases

In the future, the plan is to introduce Social Work graduate students to the services by providing clinical training on various therapeutic interventions. In addition, we would like to expand the interdisciplinary nature of the initiative to include other health professions in the faculty. 

The pilot phase of this project was made possible by the funding from Dalhousie University and a partnership with St. Paul's Church that has allowed for space in the downtown core. Ultimately, the goal is to make this community initiative a sustainable case management and counselling platform that complements and supplements existing resources and offers meaningful and unique practice education to FHP students.

Clinic Pharmacists are available as part of the health care team to support clients with medication and health related questions or concerns. The Clinic Pharmacists will work collaboratively with the Clinic Social Workers and other health care providers to support client needs. Read more about the Clinic Pharmacist [283KB].

  • Clinic Pharmacists: Andrea Murphy, PharmD, Harriet Davies, BSc(Pharm), CDE, M.Ed. and Diane Harpell, BSc(Pharm), MBA

Download our Pharmacist Referral form [173 KB] (we welcome referrals from clients, and other health care providers).

Contact Information

  • Clinic Coordinators: Michelle Titus and Sarah Oulton
    Telephone: 902-494-2753
    Fax: 902-494-2759    
    Email: swcc@dal.ca

Learn more about the Mandate and Parameters of Service for the Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic

Download a Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic Referral Form [91 KB].

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