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So, you’re thinking about a career as a physiotherapist...

If you’ve got:
•    a positive outlook on life,
•    love helping people and
•    have a strong analytical mind,

 ... physiotherapy could be the career for you.

Attributes of a good physiotherapist include:
•    strong interpersonal skills,
•    patience and understanding, and
•    the ability to motivate and encourage people
•    good problem-solving skills, which are crucial in assessing, diagnosing, planning and
•    clear and caring communication
•    and the willingness to share knowledge with others

Historic Excellence

Entry-level physiotherapy education takes place in one of 14 universities in Canada, including Dalhousie University. Dalhousie’s School of Physiotherapy is the only such school in Atlantic Canada. Dalhousie has been educating physiotherapists since 1963; today in the historic Forrest Building, which constituted Dalhousie’s entire campus from 1887 to 1914.

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