BSW Student Acknowledgement Agreement

Student Acknowledgement Agreement

This document is required to be completed for all students who are completing a practicum. Students are not permitted to begin placement until the signed document is received at the field office here at the School of Social Work. We are now requiring all students to complete the signature page of the document and submit it with their Field Package. Once placement sites are confirmed the first page is filled out with the particular agency and copies are sent with confirmations to students and agencies. Although we only require the signature page with the submission we are including the entire document so you are aware of what you are signing. The document signature will be witnessed by either the Field Coordinator or Field Assistant.  

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING SIGNATURE PAGE:  Print page 2 of the Student Acknowledgement Agreement, sign with written signature, fill in your B00 number, fill in the date, scan, and email to with your submission package.

Submit your package (resume, proposal, Student Information Form and Page 2 of Student Acknowledgement Agreement) to the following address: attention Sherry Laporte.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this process.

BSW Student Acknowledgement Agreement