Communication Group

The Aphasia Communication Group is a treatment program designed for individuals who have aphasia as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or brain tumor.

This group, which is held at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, receives self-referrals as well as referrals from speech-language pathologists in the metro area. All individuals in the group have had previous individual speech and language therapy.

The group focuses on maintaining communication strategies learned in individual therapy, providing information for developing new strategies and for stimulating all communication modalities (speaking, listening, reading and writing), and serving as a support system for individuals with similar communication needs.

What to expect at a group session?

The sessions are run by a certified speech-language pathologist, and by graduate students from the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

The activities are adult-oriented and center around a different theme or subject each week.  We like to describe our activities as weekly "Aerobics for the Brain".

Where do sessions take place?

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dalhousie University
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Buidling
5850 College Street
2nd Floor, Room 2C01
Halifax, Nova Scotia

When sessions are held?

Friday: 10:00am - 12:00pm (Noon)
Fall Term:  September - December
Winter Term:  January - April
Spring/Summer Term (Spring 2019): May 10 to June 28

How to join the group

There is an evaluation process to determine candidacy for participation.

Are there any costs involved?

There is no cost for the evaluation. Participation in each subsequent term costs $100. There is a sliding fee scale option as well.