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What is involved in accent training?

Accent training aims to facilitate correct production of English sounds, as well as stress, rhythm and intonation patterns. The ultimate goal is not to eliminate a person’s natural accent but to increase success and confidence in speaking English.

A comprehensive speech assessment is required to determine whether an individual is likely to benefit from accent training. A qualified speech-language pathologist will evaluate both the perception and production of speech sounds (consonants and vowels) as well as stress, rhythm, and intonation patterns. Individualized training goals are then developed, based on the results of this assessment as well as the client’s specific communication needs. 

Training sessions are usually conducted on an individual basis. The number of sessions will depend on client needs and availability. Regular home practice (approximately one half-hour per day) is advised to achieve optimal success.

Who provides services at the Dalhousie Accent Clinic?

Accent training services are provided by certified speech-language pathologists who have education and experience in clinical phonetics, speech sound perception and production, and speech correction. The Dalhousie Accent Clinic is part of Dalhousie University’s School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, which offers a Masters degree program in speech-language pathology and is a centre for speech and language research.

Where are the services provided?

Assessment and program sessions are typically provided at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Sir Charles Tupper Medical Buidling 5850 College Street 2nd Floor, Room 2C01.

What is the cost of the program?

Assessment. For individual clients, the cost of the initial assessment (approximately 1½ hours) is $160 for a comprehensive assessment report, or $110 for an abbreviated assessment report.

Training sessions. Individual sessions are provided at the rate of $110 for a one-hour session.  

Many health care plans such as Medavie Blue Cross and those provided by the Dalhousie Student Union will provide a limited amount of coverage for individual speech therapy services (details can be provided by the clients' health care service provider).

If you are interested in having an assessment please complete the application form:

Email or fax the completed form to the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders: email: speech@dal.ca, fax: 902-494-5151

Please call 902-494-7052 if you have questions or would like more information about the program.