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Dr. Anne Fenety

Dr. Anne Fenety
Assistant Professor, Director

BSc (UNB), DipPT (Man), MScPT (Alberta), PhD (Dal)

Office: Room 418, Forrest Building
Tel: (902) 494-2616
Email: anne.fenety@dal.ca

Research Interests: Can you imagine having your computer workstation arranged so you could work standing up? Dr. Anne Fenety stands to do most of her computer work — at a standing workstation. It helps her avoid the long hours of sitting that a large number of the working population now faces. She is determined to see how this sweeping change from manual to seated labour is affecting our bodies, and more importantly, how we can improve the workplace to avoid harmful side effects of prolonged computer work. Still in the area of the injured worker, Dr. Fenety also studies the practice of physiotherapy itself - examining how physiotherapists interact with, treat and chart notes regarding clients with sub-acute low back pain who have been injured at work.

Measuring Sitting Behaviour: The Effect of Workplace Stressors on Posture and Posture Changes
Sore back? Stiff neck? Research involving Drs. Anne Fenety and Katherine Harman shows that a seated workforce performing computer tasks under stressful conditions adopt postures that require more effort.

Examining Current Physiotherapy Practice with Low Back Pain
Drs. Anne Fenety and Katherine Harman used quantitative and qualitative approaches to gather data on what treatment is provided and to examine practice patterns of physiotherapists in the delivery of care to injured workers with sub-acute low back pain.