Dr. Shaun Boe

Dr. Shaun Boe
Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Health

Hon BPhEd (Kin) (Brock), PhD (UWO), MPT (UWO)

Office: Room 429, Forrest Building
Tel: (902) 494-6360
Email: s.boe@dal.ca

Research interests: The goal of Dr. Boe’s research program is to inform, develop and test interventions that aim to improve learning in health and disease. His lab approaches this goal through basic and applied research approaches. Basic research focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying brain function and plasticity associated with learning. Applied research in the lab focuses on learning and recovery in patients post-stroke to understand the mechanisms underlying recovery, and how we can apply this understanding to improve interventions used in neurorehabilitation. In addition to neuroscience and rehabilitation, Dr. Boe’s research and teaching has an entrepreneurship and commercialization focus in the area of neurotechnology. Visit Dr. Boe's Laboratory for Brain Recovery and Function website.