For Clinical Instructors


Preceptors have said they feel reinvigorated by teaching students and new energy is created by these relationships.

Why does the School of Physiotherapy need clinical instructors?

  • Clinical experience comprises a significant portion of student education
  • Enrollment has increased in many professional programs
  • More opportunities and diversity are needed in student placements to meet society’s  increased health care needs
  • International exchange experiences are in demand

What are the benefits of clinical education for your client/patient?

  • Encourages in-depth observation and discussion of each client/patient
  • Provides another communication partner
  • Creates a group dynamic
  • Provides a second person who may have more time to individualize materials
  • May increase the number of treatment sessions to the client/patient

What will the unversity clinical coordinator provide?

  • Orientation materials
  • Information regarding expectations, goals, student competencies and specific forms
  • Course information
  • Opportunities for continuing education
  • Ongoing support

What are the benefits of becoming a clinical instructor?

  • Helps you stay current with knowledge and best practice
  • Connects you to the next generation of clinicians
  • Contributes to the profession and teaching
  • Allows you to develop leadership skills
  • Energizes you in your own work
  • Counts as Continuing Education Credits for most professions
  • Connects you with the student’s university program, including clinical educators’ benefits

What are the requirements and expectations of the clinical instructor?

  • Commitment to work with the student
  • Provision of specified supervision standards
  • Provision of on-going feedback to student
  • Completion of mid-term and final evaluations
  • Continued learning in the area of student education
  • Interest in mentoring/teaching
  • Enthusiasm for the profession!

What are the benefits of clinical education for the profession?

  • Supports future professionals
  • Exposes clinicians to new knowledge and clinical ideas
  • Provides the foundation for students to become future clinical educators
  • Facilitates recruitment

What is practice Education?

Practice education is the process through which students develop knowledge and skill in their areas of training by working with clients under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

What are the goals of clinical education?

  • To help students develop knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of clients/patients
  • To facilitate and support student application of academic knowledge in the interest of best practice
  • To encourage professional growth and development of both the student and clinical educator
  • To help students learn to work as members of interprofessional collaborative teams

What Clinical Instructor involvement do you require to be eligible to become an Adjunct Clinical Associate?

Be a Clinical Instructor for a minimum of 6 or more students from the School of Physiotherapy, Dalhousie University over the past four years.
Be a current Centre Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) who has been instrumental in securing physiotherapy student placements on a consistent basis.



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