Coordinators and Committees

School of Physiotherapy Committees
Administrative Staff

G Dechman (Chair), S Kehler
K Grosweiner, Student
K Underwood
G Dechman (Chair), M Earl,
R Moyer, 1 student rep
J Butterfield
Awards D Pereira (Chair), N Walker, D Rutherford, G Creaser,
S Curwin, C. McArthur, A Quigley
K Underwood
Tenure and Promotion
(Chair appointed from the group),
M. Earl, S. Kehler, C. Kozey, C. McArthur (Instructor K Landry)
J Butterfield
Graduate Program MScPT
M Earl (Chair), C McArthur,
D Pereira, S Curwin
K Underwood
Graduate Program MScRR C Kozey (Chair), S Kehler, M Earl, C McArthur K Underwood
Curriculum MScPT
D Rutherford (Chair), All instructors of record of MScPT
J Butterfield

M Earl, C Kozey, R Moyer
Director (Ex Officio)

K Underwood
Clinical Education
D Pereira (ACCE) (Chair),
S Curwin, G Dechman, K Grosweiner, N Walker, D Bourret, B Kelly,  (Associate Director-Adhoc)
C Joseph-Dunbar  
DPC Advisory Group
L Shaw (Director) R Moyer, G Dechman
J Butterfield
Inclusion & Equity
M Earl (Chair), R Moyer
K Underwood
Faculty of the Whole L Shaw (Director)  O. Theo, R. Moyer, N. Walker, S. Boe, C. Kozey, B. Kelly, G. Creaser, S. Curwin, K. Grosweiner, M. Earl, S. Kehler, C. McArthur, A. Quigley, D. Bourret, D. Rutherford,  J Butterfield
SPT Research Committee C Kozey (Chair) O Theou, S Kehler, S Boe,
C McArthur, A Quigley
K. Underwood
Accreditation May 2020-July 2021

L Shaw, D Rutherford (Co Chairs)

M Earl, S Kehler, M MacKay-Lyons, S Curwin, R Moyer, D Pereira, N Walker

J Gratzer
SoPT Program Evaluation R Moyer, S Kehler, D Pereira, O Theou, D Rutherford, C Kozey  
Faculty Advising for students   See 2020-21 list
Strategic Plan  All  
Faculty of Health Committees  
Faculty Council R Moyer, (C McArthur, Alt.)
Dean's Executive (formerly MAC) S Boe (ADR)
Research Award Committee R Moyer, S Boe (Chair)
Inclusion & Equity Committee M Earl
Academic Review Committee (ARC)
D Rutherford
Administrative Managers Group J Butterfield
Interprofessional Education Coordinating Committee (IPECC) M Earl, C McArthur
Practice Education Committee (PEC) D Pereira (ACCE)
Research Committee R Moyer, S Kehler (alt)
Simulation Education Network D Pereira
Faculty Appeals S Curwin
Faculty Graduate Studies S Boe
Other Committees
NSPAG D Rutherford
PAC D Pereira
NSCC OTA/PTA N Walker/D Rutherford
NSCPT D Rutherford
CCPUP L Shaw/D Rutherford
NACEP  D Pereira