Coordinators and Committees

School of Physiotherapy Committees
Administrative Staff
S Kehler, J McPhee, S Richey, N Phillips, H Yuill, E Dickey (Prov reps NB, NS, PEI)
K Underwood
M Earl, R Moyer, J Kitchen
Dir. Assistant
Awards K Grosweiner (Chair), C McArthur, D Pereira, A Quigley, J McPhee K Underwood
Tenure and Promotion
(Chair appointed from the group),
M Earl, S Kehler, C Kozey, C McArthur
Dir Assistant
Graduate Program MScPT
M Earl (Chair), C McArthur,
D Pereira, S J McPhee
K Underwood
Graduate Program MScRR C Kozey (Chair), S Kehler, O Theou P Kamble
Curriculum MScPT
K Grosweiner (Chair), All instructors of record of MScPT, CI reps and student reps
T Fancy

C Kozey (Chair), R Moyer, M Earl, J Butterfield
Director (Ex Officio)

K Underwood
Clinical Education
D Pereira (ACCE) (Chair),
K Grosweiner, S Richey, J McPhee, D Bourret, B Kelly,  Students reps - A Thompson & J MacNeil. Associate Director Adhoc, CI Reps - NB, PEI, NL
T Fancy 
DPC Advisory Group
Director, R Moyer
J Butterfield
Inclusion & Equity
M Earl (Chair), A Quigley, J McPhee, Director
Faculty of the Whole Director (Chair),  O Theo, R Moyer, J McPhee, S Boe, C Kozey, B Kelly, K Grosweiner, M Earl, S Kehler, C McArthur, A Quigley, D Bourret, D Rutherford, S Richey, D Pereira J Butterfield
SPT Research Committee C Kozey (Chair) R Moyer, S Boe  
SoPT Program Evaluation S Kehler, D Rutherford (Co-Chairs) R Moyer, D Pereira, C Koey, K Grosweiner J Gratzer
Faculty Advising for students M Earl - Coordinator, RMoyer, J McPhee, K Grosweiner, D Bourret, A Quigley, S Richey, B Kelly  
Strategic Plan Director (Chair) + all J Gratzer
Social C McArthur, K Grosweiner, R Moyer, K Underwood, S Richey K Underwood
Faculty of Health Committees  
Faculty Council R Moyer, (C McArthur, Alt.)
Dean's Executive (formerly MAC) Director
Inclusion & Equity Committee M Earl
Academic Review Committee (ARC)
D Rutherford
Interprofessional Education Coordinating Committee (IPECC) C McArthur
Practice Education Committee (PEC) D Pereira (ACCE)
FoH Research Committee R Moyer, S Kehler (alt)
Faculty Appeals K Grosweiner
DPMG J Butterfield
Other Committees
NSPAG D Rutherford
PAC D Pereira
NSCC OTA/PTA D Rutherford/M Earl
NSCPT D Rutherford
CCPUP Director/D Rutherford/M Earl/K Grosweiner
NACEP  D Pereira
HSPnet Management D Pereira
Women in Research Caucus C Kozey