Coordinators and Committees

    Administrative Staff
Graduate Programs Coordinators M Earl (MSc PT),
M MacKay-Lyons (MSc RR)
K Underwood
Clinical Education
D Pereira (ACCE)
J Hollett
Clinical Comprehensive Exam
D Pereira, N Walker J Hollett
School of Physiotherapy Committees
  Administrative Staff

G Dechman (Chair), N Walker, S Kehler
NS Rep-K Grosweiner,
NB Rep-D Wallace,
NFL Rep-K Hurtubise
PEI Rep-B Caldwell
2 student reps - Mahad Ali (Y2),                    David London(Y1)
K Underwood
G Dechman (Chair), M Earl,
R Moyer, 1 student rep (TBD)
J Butterfield
Awards N Walker, D Rutherford, G Creaser,
S Curwin, D Pereira (ACCE)
K Underwood
Tenure and Promotion
M. McKay-Lyons (Chair),
M. Earl, S. Kehler
J Butterfield
Graduate Programs
M Earl, M MacKay-Lyons,
D Pereira, K Harman
K Underwood
K Harman (Chair), D Pereira (ACCE),
Course Leaders,
2 clinical reps,
2 student reps - Rachel Kays (YR1)
Danielle Wiseman - (YR2)
J Butterfield
J Hollett
M Earl, M MacKay-Lyons,
Director (Ex Officio)
R Moyer
J Butterfield
K Underwood
Clinical Education
D Pereira (ACCE) (Chair),
Clinical reps from NSHA, IWK,
community, regional, student rep
Alyssa Thompson
J Hollett
DPC Advisory Group
R Moyer (SoPT), G Dechman (SoPT),
Student Rep - B Melanson (Y2),
R Reardon (Dal PT Clinic),
T Maloney (Dir. Athletics),
L Shaw/D Rutherford (PT Director)
E Crowell (Finance), W Stanish (External)
J Butterfield
Inclusion & Equity
M Earl (Chair), N Walker
L McCrossin,
student reps - Ifedayo Adegbite, Sabrina Nunn, Curtis Picketts  
K Underwood
CCE Implementation (Ad Hoc) G Creaser, N Walker,
B Kelly, D Pereira (ACCE),
R Rutherford
J Hollett
Space (Ad Hoc) R Moyer, G Dechman, M Earl,
D Rutherford (ex officio as Assoc. Director)
K. Underwood
Communications D Rutherford, D Pereira

L Crump

K Underwood
Other Committees  
   D Rutherford
Faculty of Health Committees  
Faculty Council K Harman, (R Moyer, Alt.)
S Boe (Associate Dean Research)
TBD (Dean)
Dean's Executive (formerly MAC) L Shaw (Dir)
S Boe (ADR)
Research Award Committee R Moyer, S Boe (Chair)
Inclusion & Equity Committee M Earl
Academic Review Committee (ARC)
D Rutherford
Administrative Managers Group J Butterfield
Interprofessional Education Coordinating Committee (IPECC) M Earl
Practice Education Committee (PEC) D Pereira (ACCE)
Research Committee R Moyer
Simulation Education Network D Pereira
Dalhousie University Committees
DFA Faculty Association S Curwin
FGS Faculty Council S Boe
REB G Dechman
Senate K Harman