Clinical Education Coordinator

Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Daphne Pereira
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education

Office: Room 407
Tel: (902) 494-3585

Daphne has a vision of expanding the scope of PT practice to include advanced clinical skills in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy. She is enthusiastic about enriching physiotherapy clinical education experience for first year students through the use of simulated learning with task trainers and high fidelity human patient manikins.
Daphne graduated as a physiotherapist in the year of the millennium and has experience in clinical, academic and administrative fields. Her research work involved measurement of the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) with a Doppler in patients with peripheral arterial disorders. Daphne has worked the entire spectrum of intensive care units: cardiovascular, pulmonary, neonatal, general medical/surgical, oncology, burns and emergency units.
She is passionate about promoting prophylactic medicine and has been involved in educating community members on heart health and early intervention as a Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor through the American Heart Association.