Diversity, Inclusion, Health Disparity, Inequalities

Who we are, in social terms, affects not only our health and health care, but also what we do and do not do - our occupational lives. At the School of Occupational Therapy we study the ways in which diverse social factors such as race and racism, gender and sexism, sexual orientation/identity and heterosexism, social class and classism, (dis)ability and ableism may shape the experiences and meanings of occupations, as well as the practice of occupational therapy and other health professions. We believe that a just and equitable society entails full inclusion for all of its members.

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Dr. Brenda Beagan

Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion

Graduate certificates are ideal for students who want to focus on a particular area without committing to a Masters degree. Enrollment is not limited to occupational therapists. Learn more about earning a Diversity and Inclusion certificate.