Graduate Certificates

Focused learning

  • Need continuing professional education opportunities?
  • Already working full-time and need a flexible schedule?
  • Want your resume to stand out from others?

Earn a graduate certificate online

Our graduate certificates provide practicing health providers with the most current information on important topics and issues in health care today.  They are all delivered online to allow busy practitioners to study when and where they find themselves.

Graduate certificates are also ideal if you want to study at the graduate level without committing to a Masters degree. Enrollment is not limited to occupational therapists.

We offer the following graduate certificates:

Who should apply?

If you are working in health, social, leisure, educational and recreational services, these graduate certificates could be for you. You must meet the minimum admission requirements as set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Normally this means completion of a four-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with an average of B or better. Others may be eligible and will be considered on a case by case basis.

What is involved?

Start by taking one of the following core courses:

  • OCCU 6508 Chronic Condition Management
  • OCCU 6509 Aging and Continuing Care
  • OCCU 6507 Critical Perspectives on Inequities in Everyday Life (Diversity and Inclusion)

Then take two additional elective courses from this list:

  • OCCU 5010 Advanced Studies on Enabling Occupation
  • OCCU 5030 Advanced Research Theory and Methods for Occupational Therapists
  • OCCU 5040 Identity and Transitions
  • OCCU 5041 Evidence-based Occupational Therapy
  • OCCU 5042 Community Development for Occupational Therapists
  • OCCU 5043 Program Evaluation for Occupational Therapists
  • OCCU 6504 Measuring Health Outcomes

How long does it take?

Depending upon your course selections, you can complete the certificate in one calendar year. We offer most courses every two years. You have up to five years to complete your certificate. See the schedule of course offerings.

How do I apply?

All students must complete a Faculty of Graduate Studies application form.

Students must also provide:

  • If applicable, proof of English Language Competency
  • Two copies of official transcripts of all university courses
  • one letter of academic reference [PDF-526kB]
  • Request for specific course of interest

How much does it cost?

You pay an application fee and a fee for each course. For up to date information on course costs, see Money Matters  or email

Ask for the Special Student—Graduate Studies (SSGS) tuition for a distance education course with three billing hours. Costs will vary depending upon whether you are a Canadian citizen or not.

How do I track my progress?

When you completed each elective, you can fill in a simple Certificate Tracking Form [DOC-101KB], which shows that you have completed all the course assignments in the subject area of your certificate. Send the form to us and we will have the course instructor verify it. Then we send you a copy for your records. 

Once you have completed your three courses, you can apply for the certificate [DOC - 17 kB], which we will mail to you.


Please contact or telephone 902-494-8804.