Course Descriptions

The Certificate in Disability Management program is comprised of four half-credit online university courses. Our class sizes range from 30-60 students, with a strong emphasis on small group student engagement. Each course requires a time commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per week for readings, discussions, and assignments.

Flexibility and convenience with online learning

Since all of our classes are delivered online, you can study where and when it suits you. Simply complete the weekly modules by the due dates set at the beginning of term.

Join in class discussions and feel connected to your classmates by participating in discussion boards. And get the most out of each class—everyone has different preferred methods of learning so we’ve included a variety of teaching/learning formats and methods of assessment in each class.

The courses of the CDM Program are fully transferrable third and fourth year academic credits.

Course descriptions

DISM 3010.03 (KINE 3010) Introduction to Disability and Disability Management (Pre-requisite for the other three disability management courses- effective Fall 2015)
DISM 4010.03 Case Management and Return to Work
DISM 4040.03 Understanding the Relationship Between Health and Work
DISM 4050.03 Communication and Professional Relationships in Disability Management

How are the online courses structured?

CDM courses are divided into modules. There is normally one module covered per week with the exception of the spring intercession in which there are two modules covered per week.

Module content typically includes online journal articles, textbook readings, and other online material and web-based resources. Each module also contains exercise questions to be answered in the class discussion forum and discussed amongst classmates.

Courses are designed to feature a variety of assessment methods including online auto-correct quizzes, case studies, research papers, presentations, and open-book exams.

Students move through the courses collectively and sequentially, with ongoing support from the course instructor. Communication within courses is primarily asynchronous and students are not required to be online at specific times unless prior notice has been provided.

Textbook information

The following textbook is used for all four courses of the Certificate in Disability Management Program, which is available through the Dalhousie Health Sciences Bookstore:

Dyck, D. (2013). Disability Management- Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice. 6th ed.  Canada: LexisNexis.

Technical Requirements

The four courses are delivered completely online. Students should have regular access to high-speed internet. The course platform, Brightspace, performs best using Chrome or Firefox, or Safari for Mac users. A computer headset with microphone attached is also required.