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International Self-Care Day is July 24
See attached 7 pillars of self-care

Access Your Brain's "Feel Good" Hormones (attached)

EDI Resource Spotlight

Mi’kmaw language lesson:

Directory of Black-owned businesses in NS:

Embracing Allyship Leadercamp:

Recognizing Barriers to Inclusion:

From the Healthy Day blog

Healing from cancer

How positive self-talk can help your mental well-being at work

From Dal Magazine

Coping with uncertainty


On-Demand Resources

The Value of Mindfulness

Kids & Co. on-demand webinars - (your child’s sleep, nutrition, resilience, and more)


The new myDal hub via, provides ​services, resources, and features designed to make the myDal hub the first place you go to find what you need to support your work at Dalhousie. 

Dalhousie Human Rights and Equity Services

Safe Spaces for White Questions

“On Demand” Resources

Panel: “The Promise of Diversity in Management”:

Supporting student health and wellness:

2021 Legacy Awards: Celebrating Dal’s achievements:

2021 Dal Wellness Day recordings: 

Leisure: More than just fun and games

Personal Reflections on Wellness, Race and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Self-Manage, Deliver Results

I know what to do, I even want to do it, so what goes wrong?

Feel Good Stretch

Relationship Booster: Enhancing communication effectiveness             



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