Centre for Transformative Nursing and Health Research (CTNHR):

  • Is a Senate-approved nursing led research centre, and the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.
  • Aims to develop a new vision for health care based on solid research as a platform for true change.
  • Focuses on collaboration, capacity-building, networking and knowledge-translation.

Our Mission

The mission is to conduct nursing and health research to generate knowledge that is actionable and dedicated to improving health and social outcomes for those requiring health care, their providers and the overall system.

Our Research Pillars

1.Health Needs of People

Research and scholarship focused on better understanding the broad range of factors that shape people’s health needs in order to provide evidence that can improve the delivery of health care and contribute to optimal quality of life and well-being.

2.Health Workforce and Health Systems Planning

Research and scholarship aimed at developing and applying sustainable, evidence-informed processes to plan for and improve health systems, including the health workforce, to better meet the health needs of populations.

3. Marginalized Populations and Health Equity

Research and scholarship focused on understanding the broad determinants of health affecting the well-being of less advantaged groups and their access to society’s resources and experiences of the health care system in order to improve health status and equity.

4. Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science

Knowledge Translation is a deliberate, iterative process that includes synthesis, exchange, dissemination, evaluation and application of knowledge in decision making to improve health outcomes, health service delivery and the broader health system.  Knowledge translation research or implementation science involves the use of theory to systematically study these processes.