Advanced Standing

This two-calendar-year (six-semester) continuous period of study is designed for students who have previously studied at university and have completed the following pre-requisite courses:

i. A minimum average of B- in each of Anatomy, Physiology (6 CR or 3 CR + Biological Science 3 CR), Statistics, Microbiology and English is required.

ii. Subject requirements:

  • Anatomy (ANAT) 1010.03 or equivalent
  • Physiology (PHYL) 1010.06 (or PHYL 1010.03 + Biological Science .03)
  • Statistics (STAT) 1060.03 or equivalent
  • Microbiology (MICI) 1100.03 or equivalent
  • English (ENGL) 1100.03 or equivalent writing course
  • Science elective .03
  • Open electives .09*

*Please note that Nursing courses cannot be used to fulfill the open electives pre-requisite requirement.

iii. A student with a .03 credit hour combined Anatomy and Physiology course will also be required to have .06 additional credit hours of Biological Sciences

iv. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 based on overall post-secondary career or most recent year of studies (30 credit hours)

v. Meeting the minimum entrance GPA does not guarantee admission. As a result of the competitive admission process, applicants typically require a higher entrance GPA than the minimums listed in the admission requirements.

Students study through the fall, winter, spring and summer semesters, graduating in the fall of the second year.

Students must seriously consider whether financial, work and family responsibilities will allow them to study full time, year round. Enrolment is limited—not all applicants with the minimum GPA will receive a place in this option.