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Nova Scotia Nursing faculty visit the Nurse of the Mediterranean

Posted by Theresa Gilbert on May 16, 2019 in News


An intensive weeklong workshop was organised on the island of Malta, historically referred to as the Nurse of the Mediterranean.  The workshop was a collaborative effort between Nursing Faculty from the University of Malta together with Nursing Faculty from Cape Breton University, Dalhousie University and St Francis Xavier University.

This research workshop was designed for graduate nursing students at the University of Malta seeking to submit a dissertation in partial fulfilment of their Masters of Nursing. The workshop was held at the historic university campus in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. It consisted of a four day interactive dialogue between faculty and students around research designs, methodologies and student projects.  By the end of the workshop each student was able to develop a research proposal in preparation for their Masters of Nursing degree.

Participating faculty included: Dr. Vicky Sultana, Dr. Josiane Scerri (from the University of Malta) Dr Odette Griscti, Dr Audrey Walsh, (both from Cape Breton University) Dr Megan Aston, Dr Audrey Steenbeek, (from Dalhousie University) and Dr Deborah Sheppard LeMoine (St.Fx University). Various other faculties from the Department of Nursing, University of Malta also participated in the sessions and in round table discussions.

Overall, all of the participating faculty and the graduate students found the workshop valuable and beneficial. It is planned to hold similar workshops between the three universities and the University of Malta in the future.