Dalhousie University Nursing Society (DUNS)

The Dalhousie University Undergraduate Society is a student-governed society composed of nursing students in the undergraduate program at Dalhousie University. An elected group of student representatives meet weekly and foster school spirit, create fun social events, provide peer support, & collaborate with faculty. We also act as a medium of communication between the nursing students, faculty and staff, Dalhousie Students’ Union and university personnel. 

President (s)


VP Student Support Jenna Morley
VP Equity & Inclusion Zane Ehsan
VP Community Affairs Abby Stewart
VP Communications Erin Pilcher
VP Professional Development Oyejide David Showole
VP  Finances Gabi Jenkins


Secretary                                     Jenna Stewart             

Social Coordinators

Co-Social Coordinator Jaime Procter
Co-Social Coordinator  Katie Duggan

Associate Social Coordinator

Caitlin McKenna
  Kathleen Venoit

Class Representatives

Sem 1/Direct Entry 2026

Samantha Lawlor
  Madelyn Landry

Sem 3/ Advanced Standing 2025

Jessalee Luong
  Morgan Walsh

Sem 4/ Direct Entry 2025

Meghan Mansfield
  Jessica Lagacé

Sem 6/ Advanced Standing 2024

Teigan Schentrup  
  Kelsie Grant

Other Representatives

Health Promotion Representative Meredith Leckey
Peer Mentor Representative  
CNSA OD Brennan Marks
CNSA AD Benjamin Barrie

Lounge Manager

Emma Dykens

Grad Class President (s)

Advaned Standing Grad Class Rep(s)  Fall 2024 Summer Thistle
  Alexis Reid
Direct Entry Grad Class Rep(s) Spring 2024  Makenzy Sampson
  Safiya Krey

Student Bursaries Information and Application Forms 

DUNS Travel and Study Grants Policy