Community of International Nursing Students

Description: The community of International Nursing Students provides peer support and advocacy for International Students and Internationally-Educated Nurses (IENs) within the School of Nursing. All levels of students – including undergraduate, Masters, and Doctorate – are welcome in the group. 

Rationale: International students and IENs are a great asset for the nursing workforce with diverse educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. However, international nursing students face numerous challenges unique to the profession, such as navigating different health care systems, clarifying roles and scopes of practice, and obtaining license in Canada. Generic resources targeted at the general international student population often leave these unique needs unaddressed. 

Goal: To nurture the growth and success of international nursing students at Dalhousie University and beyond. 


• Networking: To build meaningful connections among new applicants, current students and recent graduates who identify as international students and/or IENs.  

• Peer support: To share experiences and concerns about being international students/IENs at Dalhousie University and in Canada.

• Knowledge sharing: To facilitate discussion about nursing education, licensing, employment.

• Health promotion: To advocate and promote the health of all international students at Dalhousie University.

Format: Monthly 1-hour gathering: To build relationships, collect suggestions and plan activities.