Study Skills Manual

(adapted from: Counseling services, Mohawk College)

Learning and practicing effective study skills is essential to success in education.  Reading this manual is the first of several steps that will help ensure your success.

As you read, you might discover that you are already using some of the study skills and methods described here. Other study skills discussed will be new to you, or might contradict some of your old study habits. These skills will require persistent application and practice before they can become habits. The rewards will make the effort worthwhile.

What will the rewards be?

  • Success in University
  • Grades with which you are pleased
  • Positive feelings about yourself, your abilities and your achievements
  • Guilt-free non-study times

Now, add to this list the rewards you want to earn.

You might find that there are enough suggestions in this manual to teach you all the skills you need.  Others will want to do more reading, or learn specific study skills. There are books available in the library to assist you.

It is often easier to learn new skills if there is someone coaching you. Teachers, advisors and cousellors are willing to help you learn study skills and to encourage you to persist in developing good study habits. Ask them for help!

Table of Contents

You will find the following in the Table of Contents of the study manual:

  • Time Management
  • Preparing to Study
  • Remembering What You Learn (and Preparing for Exams)
  • Reading to Learn
  • Using Class Time to Learn
  • How to Write Exams
  • Definitions of Terms Used in Essay Examinations
  • Learning from Exam Results
  • Signs of a Successful University Student
  • Appendices

Download the Study Skills Manual

Copies of the Study Skills Manual are available from the School of Health Sciences, Room 639 Bethune Building or you can download it from here . [PDF, 357 KB]

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