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Important Dates


Both the current calendar and the Dalhousie University Guide to Student Services contain important academic dates. Students are advised to note these dates, especially for deadlines relating to course withdrawals, late registrations, submission of intent to graduate, etc. Missing deadlines can often have significant financial and academic consequences.

Please note the following dates as they apply to you:
Classes begin on August 27, 2014 for 3rd year Respiratory Therapy
View the complete list of important academic dates ยป


September 3 First Year Orientation
September 4 Classes Begin, fall term
October 13 Thanksgiving Day, University Closed
November 10 Study Day
November 11 Remembrance Day, University Closed
December 1 Last Day to Apply to Graduate in May 2015
December 2 Last Day of Classes
December 4 Exams Begin
December 14 Exams End


January 5 Classes Begin, winter term
February 6 Munro Day~University Closed
February 16-20 Study Break
February 23 Classes Resume
April 3 Good Friday, University Closed
April 10 Last day of Classes
April 13 Examinations begin
April 28 Examinations End
May 4-June 26 Clinical Practicum 2015
May 18 Victoria Day, University Closed
May 19-28 Spring Convocations

Clinical Practicum

  • Clinical Practicum will normally begin the first day of the Summer Term, typically the first Monday in May, and continue for 8-10 weeks.
  • Please watch the Clinical Education Board for notices posted regarding Clinical Practicum request forms.
  • Students are required to sign a Student Placement Agreement specific to their clinical placement site by March 1.
  • Evidence of re-certification in Standard First Aid and CPR at a Health Care Provider level must also be provided to the School by March 1.

Exam Schedule

Link to Registrar's Office exam schedule. For all other exams, consult your course professor.