Get Kinnected

Another side of research

Undergraduate and graduate students in Kinesiology often need willing participants to help with their research projects. Test subjects are an important part of the research process, as they allow student researchers to gather data.

By "getting Kinnected," you'll help your fellow Kinesiology students successfully complete their research projects. You could participate in a test that measures your cardiovascular function or your hand-eye coordination. Not only will you help other students, you might also learn something that inspires you to do a research project of your own.

Get in touch with the School of Health and Human Performance to find out which research projects are looking for participants.

Past student projects

Honours projects

  • Mallory White
    "Friend or foe: Social media, technology and physical activity levels among university students."
  • Lauren Quattrocchi
    "The influence of hand dominance on resting and exercise-mediated cardiovascular responses to isometric handgrip exercise in experienced racket sport players."
  • Krystal Soucy
    "Assessment of mental skill proficiency and injury incidence in a population of varsity athletes."
  • Marina
    "Lung function following weight loss surgery."
  • Jessie Brown
    "The influence of habitual participation in activities that involve repeated expiratory loading on the cardiovascular responses to Valsalva maneuver."
  • Kara Williston
    "Reaching and eye preference: is accuracy improved with the preferred eye?"

Masters thesis

  • Adam Quirk
    "The Effect of Healthy Aging and Distracted Attention on the Neuromuscular Control of Trunk Muscles for Various Lifting Tasks."