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Program Details and Factsheet

Interdisciplinary Health Studies (IDHS) Certificate program courses

The IDHS undergraduate certificate consists of the following four required half-credit courses which are delivered completely online:

    1. Introduction to Health and Health Professions (IDHS 1000.03);
    2. Introduction to Aboriginal People's Health and Healing (IDHS 2201.03);
    3. Contemporary Issues in Food Studies (IDHS 3000.03); and
    4. Contemporary Issues in Rural Health (IDHS 3100.03).  

Course Schedule

Technical Requirements

The four courses of this Program are delivered completely online. The course platform, BbLearn, performs best using Chrome or Firefox, or Safari for Mac users. Access to a high speed internet connection is required.

Course Fees

Course fees are consistant with other Dalhousie half-credit courses. For more information, please contact Student Accounts at: (902) 494-3998 or visit: www.dal.ca/studentaccounts.

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