Laura Kennedy

Food Policy Lab

Laura Kennedy

Twitter: @laurakennedyRN

Research Topics:
  • Health Promotion
  • Healthy food environments
  • Public policy


Dr. Catherine Mah

Research statement

To collect data and stories that influence the communities where Nova Scotians live, work, and play. To partner with health institutions to promote health public policy and demonstrate community leadership.


Laura has years of experience working as a Registered Nurse in medical and surgical environments.  Her nursing experiences have spanned both urban and rural Nova Scotia, as well as Angola, Africa. Laura is currently a PhD student in the Food Policy Lab.  Her proposed thesis research assesses the Healthy​ Eating Policy at Nova Scotia Health and the impact of a retail intervention on dietary purchasing. As a Registered Nurse, Laura has contributed to healthy public policy development in areas such as smoke-free housing and alcohol sponsorship. She aspires to promote policy in the nursing community and watch public policy build healthy environments where populations live, work and play. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University and Master of Public Health from Memorial University.

Awards and honours

  • Nova Scotia Graduate Scholar
  • Chris Power Leadership Development Award (2021)


College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia

Selected Publications

  • Kennedy, L.J., Cukier, S., Khoury, L. and Steeves, D. (2021), ‘You drink at home so they can go to work safely’: A case study exploring alcohol marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drug Alcohol Rev..

  • Kennedy, L.J., Taylor, N.G., Jago, E., Nicholson, T., Mah, C.L. (2021). Setting the standard for healthy eating: Continuous quality improvement for health promotion at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Healthcare Management Forum, 34(1). Retrieved at
  • Kennedy, L.J. & Guscott, N. (2021). How COVID-19 shines a spotlight on why Canada needs a Federal Alcohol Act. Policy Options.  

  • L Kennedy, T Nicholson, B MacDonald, E Jago, C Mah, Healthy Eating Policy for a provincial health authority in Atlantic Canada, European Journal of Public Health, Volume 30, Issue Supplement_5, September 2020, ckaa166.445,

  • Kennedy, L.J. (Aug 2018). An Uphill Trek. CPHA Student Blog. Halifax, NS. Retrieved from