Excellence in Health Series

Tomorrow's thinking-today's care

In 2008 the School of Health Administration established a public-education program entitled, Excellence in Health Series. The Excellence in Health Series is designed to provide an open forum, equally accessible to the public and professional community. The lectures provide a ‘large-canvas’, upon which cutting-edge topics are discussed, from healthcare planning and management, healthcare funding and delivery, healthcare law and legislation, to healthcare policy. All members of the public are welcomed, as are healthcare professionals, from healthcare practitioner, policy analyst, lawyer, to healthcare administrator. To maximally engage the public, the series is held in the evenings, off campus, at a local Hotel, and no admission fee is charged.

The Excellence in Health Series  features national and internationally lecturers, each respected for their leadership on the topic of discussion. To ensure maximum learning opportunity to the public and professional communities throughout the region, nationally and internationally, the Excellence in Health Series is digitally recorded and made available through the School of Health Administration website.

Obamacare 101: A Canadian's Experience in US Healthcare Delivery
October 28, 2013

By: Dr. Neil MacKinnon

Ethics in Health Care: Making the "Right" Decision for you
May 7, 2013

By: Dr. Christy Simpson
Watch (1:23:42)

Contemporary Health Policy Analysis: Is Health Care System Sustainable?
October 26, 2010

By: Dr. Charles Mallory
Watch (01:12:05)

Good Intentions/Bad Practice: Healthcare Response to Humanitarian Disasters
June 1, 2010

By: D.R. Banke
Watch (00:38:34)

Health Response in Man Made and Natural Disasters. The Impact of Aid on Affected Populations
June 1, 2010

By: Eleanor Rose
Watch (00:38:34)

Beyond Mediocrity: What Canadians Should Expect from their Healthcare System and Why they're not Getting it.
December 3, 2009

By: Steven Lewis
Watch (01:52:39)

Psychology of Fear: Setting Priorities or Depleting Resources in Healthcare
May 26, 2009

By: Dr. Joseph Byrne
Watch (01:26:22)

Medicare and the Law: Playing with a Full(er) Deck
September 23, 2008

By: William Lahey
Watch (01:21:19)

How to Reduce Your Risk of Experiencing a Medication Error
June 3, 2008

By: Dr. Neil MacKinnon
Watch (01:33:48)

A Weight On Our Minds: Obesity in Nova Scotia
April 22, 2008

By: Dr. Sara Kirk
Watch (01:34:09)

Population Aging and Health Care
February 19, 2008

By: Dr. Kenneth Rockwood