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CELLAR Study ‑ How we eat during COVID‑19

Posted by School of Health Administration on January 13, 2021 in Research, News
CELLAR Study -
CELLAR Study -

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CELLAR (COVID-related Eating Limitations and Latent dietary effects in the Atlantic Region) is a research study led by the Food Policy Lab at Dalhousie University, to investigate the nutritional impacts of how we eat during the COVID-19 pandemic in Atlantic Canada.

The consumer food environment has been transformed by COVID-19, across Canada and around the globe. Distancing and other important public health measures are in place. Social interaction has changed. Families and food system sectors are facing economic precarity of an unprecedented scale and duration.

By examining Atlantic Canadians’ diets and purchasing in-depth, we can better understand how the pandemic will affect nutrition and health. More importantly, we can help governments to design economic and social policies that support healthy eating for all—during and after the pandemic.

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