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A new curriculum for the MHA program

Posted by School of Health Administration on May 28, 2020 in News
School of Health Administration Announcement
School of Health Administration Announcement

A new curriculum for the MHA program

The MHA will be introducing a new curriculum (approved by Dalhousie Senate and pending final approval from MPHEC) in the fall of 2021!

If final approval is received from the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC), students enrolling in 2020 may be offered the option to enrol in the new curriculum.

The new modified program: 

  • will be one semester shorter (reduced by five courses) ,
  • cover the same managerial competencies as the current MHA program thus maintaining the high quality of the program,
  • will be delivered over four semesters (16 months) with a full-time health administration summer residency in the third (summer) semester, and
  • will continue to meet all CAHME accreditation criteria and standards.

The JD/MHA program will continue to be offered and a new thesis stream option will be introduced. The final decision regarding the choice to enrol in the modified program in the fall of 2020 will be announced as soon as possible.