Your representatives

The Association of Health Administration Students, AHAS represents all students enrolled in programs at the School. AHAS aims to:

  • promote the professional and academic interests of all members
  • act as a liason between faculty, students, alumni and the healthcare community
  • promote fellowship amoung members through its broad participation in student governance¬†

AHAS achieves these goals by holding various events throughout the year including:

  • professional networking opportunities
  • healthcare lectures and panel discussions
  • community involvement activities and fundraisers
  • social activities throughout the year

AHAS Representatives

President Rebecca Visser
Vice-President Gaithre Kalainathan
Treasurer Cadence Hayes
Communications Officer Amy Sane
CCHL Representative Heather Webster
Second Year Representative Madeline Kubiseski

First Year Representatives


Olivia Feschuk

Peter Richard

Part-time Representative Emily Gaunce
  • For general inquiries regarding the student association, please e-mail