MHA Student Residency

The Residency enables MHA graduate students to spend four months working on a number of administrative projects and being exposed to the administrative/management environment in health care.  The Residency involves the orientation, observation, and participation through rotation among departments/agencies, completion of assigned projects, and senior executive mentoring.  Students will:

  1. Be exposed to administrative problems and health service agency operations
  2. Receive personal coaching from well qualified and respected practicing health services administrator(s)
  3. Apply administrative concepts in a practical setting
  4. Gain insights for application in second year MHA courses, and
  5. Acquire and develop administrative skills, techniques, and perspectives through observation and contact with a diversity of health services administrators and programs.

The Residency is intended to provide students with an opportunity to expand their experiences.  Residencies should expose students to new challenges and new environments.  Host organizations may include the Department of Health, District and Regional Health organizations and other public sector organizations.

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