Affirmative Action Policy


The School of Health Administration is committed to providing an educational environment that is free of discrimination and promotes equality of opportunity for all persons accessing entry into programs offered by the school. In keeping with this policy, the School of Health Administration has an equitable access policy for members of groups that are under-represented in the administrative levels of the health services in Canada (for example, Aboriginal peoples, African Canadians and Persons with (dis)Abilities). Members of these groups are encouraged to seek admission to the school under this policy. Applicants make their request in a place provided on the Personal statement cover sheet, which is part of the SHA application package.

The School is committed to admitting and graduating a diverse student body that reflects the multi-ethnic and pluralistic composition of Canadian society. Although all candidates must fulfill the same basic admission criteria, those who wish to apply under this policy will be considered on their individual merits, rather than in relation to other applicants.

Approved by the School Council, April 20, 2010