The Katie Card

The Katie Card has two tools – Katie’s Knowledge Translator and Katie’s Appraisal Tool. Both tools are intended to support effective, critical, dynamic, action-oriented learning at continuing education programs and other clinical learning experiences. The premise of the card is to promote a practical exchange of relevant information between presenter and clinician such that the clinician can make an evidence-informed opinion regarding the therapeutic issue and is ready to change practice when appropriate.

Download a colour version [PDF - 813 kB] of the KATIE card or a B&W printable version. [PDF - 525 kb]

Katie’s knowledge translator (front side)

This component of the Katie Card focuses the learner on several key clinical considerations regarding the appraisal and implementation of new clinical information. It provides questions to reflect upon when appraising the information being presented and discussed. If this information is considered to be worthy of action the "apply" questions then become relevant. While the “appraise and apply” questions have been thoughtfully selected they are not to be considered as comprehensive. There are many other important questions worthy of consideration and discussion, some of which can be found on the other side of the card.

Katie’s appraisal tool (back side)

The appraisal tool provides more specific questions that help clinicians critically appraise the information presented. Users of this tool are supported in their assessment of the validity of the findings and determination of who the new information applies. Questions assure that learners focus on clinically important information and are able to put into perspective other existing information as well as what remains uncertain and unknown. Learners are encouraged to ask questions and provide their own interpretation of the clinical information. 

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