I Want to Prescribe

Nova Scotia


Pharmacist Drug Prescribing Regulations, Section 83 of the Pharmacy Act by Province of NS

NSCP's Prescribing of Drugs FAQ

NSCP's Standards of Practice - Prescribing of Drugs by Pharmacists

Pharmacist's Prescribing Notification Form

Pharmacist's Monitoring Results Notification Form

Pharmacist's Prescribing and Drug Administration Form

PANs SOP and Toolkit

Nova Scotia Formulary Updates - Minor Ailments Assessment One-Year Demonstration Project

Minor Ailment Service: From Research to Practice Research Article

New Brunswick


NBCP's Pharmacy Regulations (Appendix ll for Minor Ailments)

NBCP's Pharmacists' Expanded Scope: Minor Ailments (forms are in appendix)

Professional Practice Requirements: NBCP (includes expectations for Prescribing for Minor Ailments)

Minor Ailment's Orientation Video (NBCP)

Prince Edward Island


Legislation for PEICP

PEICP - Practice Directive: Prescribing of Drugs by Pharmacists

Pharmacist Prescribing Notification

Pharmacist Monitoring Results Notification



Pharmacist's Expanded Scope of Practice in Canada Rubric

NAPRA Expanded Scope of Practice

Minor Ailment Prescribing Guidelines - Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists (Table for Schedule l drugs appropriate for prescribing by pharmacists for specified conditions)

Fees and Claims Data for Government-Sponsored Pharmacist Services by Province

Canadian Pharmacists' Association - Pharmacist's Prescribing Authority Status Across Canada

CPhA's Compendium of Product for Minor Ailments Book Link