Online Programs and Webinars

Through the year, Dal CPE is pleased to offer a variety of online programs to help meet your educational needs. 

To facilitate this method of learning, we have created a unique online virtual learning space to encourage a growing community of lifelong learners.  We have been reaching to deliver real-time, live interactive learning activities along with recorded presentations and videos. Join us for a live, monthly webinar (Sept-June).

If you are unable to join us for the live session, register to enjoy a recording of the webinar, or other timely learning activities. And the best part is that because the program is delivered via the internet, you can participate from virtually anywhere.  All you need is a username and a password supplied by Dalhousie CPE and you are on your way.


We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox to access this webinar. Safari and Internet Explorer are known to provide unstable connections to our webinar platform.  

If you have technical difficulties please clear your browser's cache before logging in.

Upcoming Live Webinars

October 6, 2021

COVID Controversies:
Medication and Vaccination Hot topics
Presented by: Dr. Tasha Ramsey

October 20, 2021

Professional Responsibilities to Meet Patient Needs: Compounding, OAT and Prescribing
Presented by: NSCP

Recordings Available Now

We invite you to print the description in Brightspace for each webinar you take as a record of the accreditation information.   

Pediatric Injection Techniques - Laurie Graham
Available until Jun 15/22

Alternate Sites for Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Injections in Adults- Laurie Graham
Available until Jun 15/22

Queer Interactions – Improving Relationships with LGBTQ2S+ Patients
-Kimberley Hirtle and Lucas Thorne-Humphrey
Recorded live on May 27/21, available until May 27/22

Did you know that there is a new partner in prescribing in Nova Scotia Health?
- Andrea Meade and Gali Latariya
Recorded live on April 21/21, available until December 31/21

A Candid Conversation about Pharmacy with Diane Harpell - Diane Harpell
Recorded live on March 28/21, available until March 27/22.

Cancer Care and the Evolving Role of the Oncology Pharmacy Team - Lauren Hutton
Recorded live on February 22/21, available until February 21/22

Depression Update and Applications to Pharmacist Prescribing - Laura Miller
Recorded live on January 21/21, available until January 21/22

Insulin Overview: Practical Tips for Pharmacists - Janet MacMullin
Recorded Live on November 18/20, available until November 18, 2021


Hormonal Contraception: A Primer for Pharmacist Prescribing -
This Program has both online and live in-person components

Faculty of Health - The Health Institute

Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions