Online Programs and Webinars

Through the year, Dal CPE is pleased to offer a variety of online programs to help meet your educational needs.  To facilitate this method of learning, we have created a unique online virtual learning space to encourage a growing community of lifelong learners.  Our focus to date has been delivering real-time, live, interactive presentations through use of a user-friendly software.  Participants can view the slides, hear the presentations, and interact with the presenter and other participants through the use of a microphone or text chat.  And the best part is that because the program is delivered via the internet, you can participate from virtually anywhere.  All you need is a username and a password supplied by Dalhousie CPE and you are on your way.


COVID-19 Medication and Vaccination: Updates from An Infectious Diseases Pharmacist
Recorded live on September 28/20
Available until October 31, 2020

Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes: A Case-Based Approach
Recorded Live on Wednesday, June 24/20.

Opioid Agonist Maintenance Treatment
Recorded Live with a focus on Nova Scotia pharmacists on April 21/20
Recorded Live with a focus on Prince Edward Island pharmacists on May 11/20

Hypertension in High Risk Adults, Pregnancy and Children-
Recorded Live on March 3/20

Assessing & Treating Uncomplicated UTIs: A Guide for Pharmacits -
Recorded Live on February 5/20

Herpes Zoster: A Prespective on Pharmacist Prescribing -
Recorded Live on Nov 27/19

Antibiotics: Why and Why Not? -
Recorded Live on Apr 25/19

Standards of Practice: Prescribing Drugs - Phase II (December 2019) -
Recorded Live on Dec 5/19

Standards of Practice: Prescribing Drugs - Phase I (February 2019) -
Recorded Live on Mar 6/19

Clinical Use of DIS -
Recorded Live on Mar 26/19

Choices Before Opioids in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain -
Records Live on Feb 27/19


Hormonal Contraception: A Primer for Pharmacist Prescribing -
This Program has both online and live in-person components

Faculty of Health - The Health Institute

Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions


NSCP: Optimizing Opioid Agonist Maintenance Treatment
Available to Nova Scotia Pharmacists only

PEICP: Optimizing Opioid Dependence Treatment in PEI
Available to PE Island Pharmacists only