Integrating Lab Tests into Pharmacy Practice


$309.00 Live day only (already completed the CPhA online course)
$499.00 Blended online and live day (PANS, NBPA, PEIPA, & CPhA Members)
$750.00 Blended online and live day (Non-Members)
ALL REGISTRATIONS INCLUDE Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Data Fifth Ed. textbook.

Future Sessions TBA

Calling all pharmacists looking to:

·       develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in accessing
        and interpreting lab tests to improve patient care

·       network with peers to discuss clinical, operational and ethical    
         issues regarding lab tests

·       integrate and operationalize labs tests in their pharmacy’s
        Professional services (e.g. Pharmacist Prescribing, Advanced
        Medication Reviews and Follow-Ups)

Dal CPE has prepared a program that will start you on the road to utilizing laboratory tests effectively in your practice.  In this program, participants will build and enhance basic clinical skills required for accessing, interpreting and utilizing laboratory tests for drug therapy management in accordance with pharmacy practice standards, as well as plan how lab tests can be integrated and operationalized in their practice. The knowledge and skills required include:

·       Identifying when to access available lab tests for common patient
·       Interpreting lab tests utilizing available lab data
·       Rationalizing what action should be taken based on lab data
·       Completing necessary documentation using existing infrastructure
·       Understanding pharmacy practice standards related to laboratory tests
·       Identifying and operationalizing opportunities for integrating lab tests
        into medication distribution (dispensing) and pharmacy services

This program consists of self-paced introductory online modules and attendance at a live program.

Part 1 Online Component

Dal CPE has partnered with the Canadian Pharmacists Association to offer their online clinical knowledge and skills program - Ordering, Monitoring and Interpreting Laboratory Tests to Optimize Medication Management (12.75 CEUs). Participants must achieve at least 70% on the online tests in the modules to successfuly complete the online program.

Part 2 Live Program Component

The Live Program is a full day workshop that will involve case-based discussions, small and large group work and examples of how to integrate skills into practice.  Participants will apply basic principles for integrating lab tests into practice with a focus on accessing and interpreting lab data using pharmacy standards of practice (7 CEUs). Discussions will focus on issues related to patient consent, when to look at lab tests, what actions to take and documentation. Cases will address using lab tests with medication distribution (dispensing), providing non-prescription care and supporting pharmacy services such as adaptation and medication reviews.  Examples of how to operationalize lab tests will also be provided (e.g. adaptation, advanced medication review). Participants will develop a plan to operationalize a pharmacy service.

Note: Parts 1 and 2 of the program will serve as prerequisites for any future sessions on ordering lab tests.  Sessions on ordering tests will focus on standards of practice and the logistics and procedures for ordering once they have been established.