Immunization and Injection Administration Refresher Program

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic the fall session of Dal CPE's Administration of Injections Workshop has been POSTPONED.

Date: TBA

Please contact DAL CPE for details.

The Program Fee is $109.00 for Pharmacists 


To ensure that Nova Scotia Pharmacists are able to offer immunization and injection services to patients, Dalhousie (Dal) Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) is offering an Immunization and Injection Administration Refresher Program (IIARP).

The IIARP has been developed to address the current need for pharmacist recertification.

Requirements for successful completion of the IIARP

  • Participants must provide proof of successful completion of an immunization and injection education and training program approved by the NSCP Council (e.g. Dalhousie IIATP)
  • Participants must register through Dal CPE to attend the IIARP course
  • Participants must review all online modules before coming to the IIARP course
  • During the IIARP course, participants will be required to administer one subcutaneous injection and one intramuscular injection to a partner using proper techniques under the direct supervision of a nurse certifier

Recognition of completion of the IIARP

Participants will receive a Record of Completion after the satisfactory administration of both injections, as outlined in the Immunization and Injection Administration Training Program (IIATP) Injection Assessment Guide.  Assessment will be carried out by a nurse or pharmacist certifier.

Participants must then notify NSCP of their successful completion of the IIARP as part of the relicensing process to provide injection and immunization services.

Program details

Upon registration in the IIARP, participants will be assigned an appointment to complete the re-certification process.  Participants will be permitted to come in up to one hour before their re-certification appointment to practice injections and ask questions to a pharmacist and/or nurse trainers.

On the day of recertification, participants will be provided with necessary supplies (i.e. needles, syringes, Injecta PadsTM, etc.) and time to practice required skills, (such as aseptic technique and land-marking, prior to recertification).  Pharmacist and/or nurse trainers from Dal CPE’s IIATP will provide guidance and answer questions regarding any aspect of the injection/immunization process. The trainers will provide support in an unstructured format, dictated by the needs of the participants.  There will be no formal review of the IIATP online modules or IIATP workshop content.  It is anticipated that all participants will have reviewed pertinent materials from IIATP, NACI, the Public Health Agency of Canada, etc., as determined by their own needs and/or by their provincial regulatory body, prior to attending the re-certification session.

**If a pharmacist is unable to attend a regularly scheduled IIARP session, it is possible (but not guaranteed) that a private session can be arranged at the College of Pharmacy. Contact for more information and individual pricing.