Distance Learning

Dalhousie University is offering both its Master's Program in Clinical Vision Science and   Graduate Diploma Program also in distance education. The distance delivery model is a flexible, Internet-based adaptation of the on-campus program. Distance students can log into their class content through the Internet anywhere in the world and learn, follow lectures and submit assignments from their home or workplace. They are receiving the same quality instruction as on-campus students, take the same exams and participate in direct ophthalmic care at supervised clinical sites according to program regulations for the same period of time.

The program is intended for those who are wishing to gain essential knowledge and expertise in the orthoptist / ophthalmic medical technologist profession, and also for those who enter it at an advanced level for professional development. There is no residential component in the CVS Distance Education Program.

Where can I take the CVS Program through distance education?

Distance student training is available at Pediatric Ophthalmology clinics in Canada and abroad that are approved as participating training sites by the Clinical Vision Science Program and have a signed collaboration agreement with Dalhousie University. To be accepted as a training site, all criteria of the Program as listed below must be met. Students interested in distance studies should contact the Program prior to applying.  

Requirements for clinics participating in distance student training 

  1. Certified Orthoptist supervising for orthoptic placement or scope of practice appropriate COT, COMT, Nurse, Optometrist for non-orthoptic placement
  2. Pediatric Ophthalmologist and/or Neuro-Ophthalmologist present for Pediatric or Neuro-ophthalmology site – Ophthalmologist for non-pediatric placement
  3. Clinical Representative appointed with at least 5 years professional experience who assumes responsibility for all aspects of student placement
  4. All personnel have current certification/licensure
  5. Clinical sites in hospitals must be at accredited institutions
  6. Required CVS Equipment list met
  7. Sufficient volume and range of patients for student learning available
  8. Designated student space provided (desk, locked cupboard)
  9. Willingness to orientate student to policies, procedures and safety requirements
  10. Willingness to provide student with additional learning opportunities at the site (rounds, journal clubs etc)
  11. Willingness to provide practical orientation for the assigned role and/or tasks of the student. Tasks should be clinically relevant, meaningful to both the student and institution or private office
  12. Agreement to evaluate student as specified by the CVS Program


Application - Deadline March 1st

The Clinical Vision Science Program is only offered in English and is subject to sufficient enrollment. Admission requirements are in accordance with the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies of Dalhousie University and are the same as for in-campus students.

Interested candidates should submit their application documents as requested by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, together with their Distance Student Information Sheet to the CVS Office. For detailed information on the application process please visit the Admissions section of our website.

Distance Student Information Sheet 

Distance student candidates should fill in this form and include it in their application package sent to the CVS Office: 

  1. Applicant's Name
  2. Contact information: phone/fax number and e-mail address
  3. Do you have access to a clinic for student practicum?
       If yes: clinic/institution, address, supervisor’s name, position
  4. Do you have access to test/proctor services?
       If yes: institution, proctor’s name, position, work address
  5. For advanced students:
       Thesis supervisor's name and contact information Research topic or interest

If applicable:

  1. Are you employed?
  2. How many hours per week do you work?
  3. Workplace/institution: name and address
  4. Position
  5. Duration of employment
  6. Previous work experience


Fees payable

Distance students pay regular application and program fees and an additional distance service administration fee of $102 for each ½ credit course and $204 for full credit courses. For details see Clinical Vision Science Program Fees