Gabriella Varhelyi

MSc, PhD; Professor - Faculty of Graduate Studies


Phone: (902) 470-6860
Mailing Address: 
IWK Health Centre
5850 University Avenue, 6th Floor
P.O.Box 9700, Halifax, NS
B3K 6R8

Responsibilities in Education and Research

  • CVS curriculum coordination
  • Online course design and BbLearn instructor support
  • Student support, BbLearn training  
  • CVS website management 
  • Student training in research planning, proposal writing, thesis work
  • Past CVS Program representative at the Research Advisory Board of Dalhousie University Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Thesis Supervisory Committee member
  • PVSRG Student Research Subcommittee member


  • Combined BSc/MSc (Sci/Ed.) - Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, Budapest, Hungary
  • PhD (Envi.Sci.) - Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, Budapest, Hungary

Current Teaching

VISC 5031.03 - Introduction to Research Theory and Practice for Vision Sciences

Students will acquire theoretical and practical skills to conduct a research undertaking in vision science. Scope of human inquiry, methodologies of interpretative and critical investigation, sampling and data analysis will be discussed in the clinical visual health sciences environment. Basic skills in the application of computer-based tools (SPSS) will be developed.

FORMAT: Online lectures and interactive student participation