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Seven reasons to study in Dalhousie's Faculty of Health

  1. We have the greatest number and diversity of health professional programs in one Faculty in Canada. You'll be a part of something bigger, have opportunities to take courses in other health disciplines, and learn from other professionals around you.

  2. Our professors are known for their leading research in a diverse range of health topics. Students have the opportunity to learn from reknowned researchers and conduct their own research projects.

  3. Our professional programs are unique in Atlantic Canada.  This is the place to study Clinical Vision Science, Human Communication Disorders (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology), Health Promotion, Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Recreation.  And, our Pharmacy program is the only one in the Maritime Provinces.

  4. We offer unparalled opportunities for interprofessional education, ensuring all students graduate wtih experience working as part of a collaborative health team.  Our Collaborative Health Education Building brings together students from more than 40 health related programs at Dalhousie to learn about, from and with one another.

  5. Our programs are accredited, ensuring they meet the standards of national regulating bodies.  After writing certification exams, you'll be eligible to practice your profession nationally.

  6. Our students participate in meaningful and engaging clinical practicum placements, including interprofesisonal student team placements, in rural and urban settings throughout Atlantic Canada.

  7. Our graduates are in high demand. Students in many of our professional programs have a job offer upon graduation.