Our Strategic Directions

FoHealth Strategic Directions 2019-2
  • Pursue strategic recruitment, mentoring, support and retention of highly qualified research academics.
  • Develop a collaborative, supportive and efficient research infrastructure.
  • Significantly expand our student research opportunities.

How we're growing our research enterprise

  • Broaden and deepen our interprofessional health education program.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion.
  • Strengthen the learners' experience.
  • Prepare leaders who contribute to health system transformation.

How we're engaging in transformational teaching and learning

  • Position the Faculty as transformational leaders in changing the health landscape.
  • Foster and support key internal and external partnerships and relationships. 
  • Strengthen recognition of our excellence in health.

How we're cultivating partnerships

  • Harmonize organizational, structural & administrative processes to support our strategic directions.
  • Optimize human resources to support excellence in research, teaching and service.
  • Centralize and brand physical infrastructure.
  • Diversify and expand revenue streams.

How we're mobilizing supports for innovation

  • Develop a thriving culture of citizenship.
  • Build communities of practice characterized by mutual respect.
  • Maximize opportunities for all faculty, staff and students to engage with and contribute to our diverse communities.

How we're fostering citizenship