Be a part of our strategic plan

To make our strategic plan a success, we need you! In order to achieve our goals in the Faculty of Health, we need to ensure that our strategic plan is a collaborative process, and that we have involvement from everyone — faculty, staff and students. Many diverse voices will shape the plan, and result in better outcomes and initiatives for our Faculty.

Consider contributing your time and expertise to one of our strategic direction teams. We are recruiting for a wide variety of volunteers to serve on both strategic plan leadership committees and working groups. The time commitment is minimal; likely between 1 – 2 hours per month. We ask that supervisors encourage their staff to take part in this important initiative.

Your insights and experience will be extremely beneficial as we move forward with implementing our plan. There is something for everyone, whether you are interested in transformational learning and teaching, research, citizenship, partnerships, innovation, and/or equality and inclusion initiatives. 

Fill in the form below and help contribute to the strategic direction of our Faculty.

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To achieve our goals, we need faculty, staff and students to join each of our strategic direction teams. Please indicate below which areas you would be interested in - check all that apply.

 Interprofessional health education
 Belonging and inclusion
 Learner experience
 Recruitment, mentoring and support of researchers
 Research infrastructure
 Student research opportunities
 Develop culture of citizenship
 Build communities of practice
 Create citizenship opportunites for faculty, staff and students
 Position Faculty as leader in transforming health landscape
 Support key internal and external partnerships
 Strengthen recognition of our excellence in health
 Process improvement
 Human resources
 Revenue generation
 Equity and inclusion initatives